Consultancy & Training


fmB Consultancy & Training Services

As a leading consultancy and training services provider in Negara Brunei Darussalam, we are positively confident that we can provide the best customised consultancy and training programmes to holistically fulfill the learning needs of each individual and every organisation's expectations through our very experienced and credible Consultants and Trainers locally, as well as abroad.

One of our main objectives and focus is to also assist in the development of the nation by encouraging more local workforce into the private sectors. We assist by organising free trainings on regular basis for local jobseekers, as well as subsidising training workshop fees for local participants.

New technologies, new challenges and new expectations are constantly changing the pace of business and government. With the emergence of new management techniques, the complexity of international trade, increasing globalisation of industries and new export opportunities, the demands on management grow greater than ever.

The key is to recognise these changes and acquire the necessary skills and expertise to deal with them effectively and achieve financial growth. fmB Consultancy & Training Services recognises that managing in this highly competitive environment is difficult and organisation needs expert and practical help. An organisation's greatest resource is its people. Higher growth, productivity and prosperity can only be achieved through the development of a highly skilled and motivated workforce.


fmB Consultancy & Training Services meet these needs by offering only the highest quality of customised management consultancies and training courses / programmes for individuals and company employees at all levels. Our services includes:

  • Customised Management / HR Consultancy Services
  • Customised Corporate / In-House Trainings & Workshops
  • Public Trainings & Workshops
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Local Jobseekers Programmes
  • SME / Entrepreneurship Programmes
  • Training Venue / Logistic Arrangements
  • Recruitment Services